About slide

Absolutely anyone. But we mostly do corporate events - promotions, parties, team-building and the like.
It depends on many variables. It's best if you contact us and we will give you a cost estimate.
Water, electricity, adequate slope, width and length. See more in the manual.
Do not despair - there is always a solution and we have dealt with various problems.
Yes, some of our customers order the slide for evening use. Just apply a few lights.
No, we are able to deliver with trained personnel.
Yes, as long as users follow basic safety rules, the slide is completely safe. As a precautionary measure, medical service is ensured.
It can be used virtually anywhere.
Yes, a gradual slope is definitely needed. The bigger the slope, the more adrenaline.

Wondering how the slide works? Find out in our technical manual.



In the summer of 2016 we took our slide to six cities and one festival.


5 400+

Over 5,400 visitors to the Slide Czech tour slid down our slide.

1,5 km

During the Slide Czech tour, altogether we built a track length of over 1.5 kilometres.





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